Stryder Strong

Due to Stryder’s limited ability to get out and do “normal” activities, we are looking to start a video game club. In the beginning, it will be small. We have access to a community center that can accommodate around 10 people, but it does not have TV’s or consoles for us to use. With your help, we can get these items so that Stryder, and other’s like him, can play games in a social environment. While we realize video games can be harmful to many long-term, they can also build lasting friendships and in Stryder’s case, he’s not able to play sports or be a part of many activities. There are a lot of children in similar circumstances as well as those on the spectrum who can’t handle large groups but would like to get together in other avenues.

We are looking for either monetary donations or items that will help us get started with our gaming club. Some examples of items would be TV’s (flat screens), gaming consoles (PC’s, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), gaming chairs, tables for playing games on, and other items you might see as beneficial for our “gaming studio”.

The following are some of the cognitive benefits of playing video games.
  • Improves coordination. …
  • Improves problem-solving skills. …
  • Enhances memory. …
  • Improves attention and concentration. …
  • It is a great source of learning. …
  • Improves the brain’s speed. …
  • Enhances multitasking skills. …
  • Improves social skills.

How/Where to Donate

Donate directly through PayPal

Stryder has a donation account set up at Mid Oregon Credit Union under his name: “Stryder Doescher”
There are banks in Bend, Redmond and Prineville

If you would like to donate a specific item, please call to set this up

Thank you….


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Video Game Club

We are starting a Video Game Club – more info coming soon….
Looking for kids 8-15 that would like to get together and play video games together. Great time to socialize and have fun!

Help Get Our Club Running


Ways to help:
🕹Monetary donation to help with purchase
🕹donate specific items (used, new or refurbished)
🕹contact a business that can help
🕹reach out to others you may know that can help
🕹share with me a business or entity that may want to help