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Stryder's Symptoms

Our first day at Disney was “Magical!” I know it’s cliche, but it really was the best place on earth!

November 27th, Stryder’s birthday and the day before Thanksgiving. It’s always tough having a birthday near or on a holiday, so this was extra special because Stryder wore a button that announced his birthday to everyone and EVERYONE in the park said “Happy Birthday!!!!” As a mom, I loved seeing that!

We arrived at the Disney California Adventure at 7 AM and went to the main circle to meet up with a Cast member. While waiting, other CM’s were talking to us, and asking if this was “THE” family. I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but it turned out Stryder got to meet Lightning McQueen and Mator on Main street and talk with them. Lightning McQueen had two plush toys (Mator and Lightning McQueen) on his tail fender and none of the other children were allowed access until he was completely done.

MAW Disneyland 2013 -Race-1-2


MAW Disneyland 2013 -Race-30


Stryder kept telling Lightning McQueen how much he loved him- hugging both the Cars characters. It was “the best day ever” he kept saying!

MAW Disneyland 2013 -Race-20



After letting some other children visit with the cars, Stryder got to send them off for the races. We were told that the two never come out on Main Street for appearances together, so it was done just for him.

MAW Disneyland 2013 -Race-8

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Video Game Club

We are starting a Video Game Club – more info coming soon….
Looking for kids 8-15 that would like to get together and play video games together. Great time to socialize and have fun!

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