Stryder's Symptoms

Stryder did not have any words at the age of 2 at which point he was referred to speech therapy. He still had no words at almost 4 years old, so he was referred to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN. He was evaluated by Dr Edyth Strand and her collegues who diagnosed him with severe Apraxia of Speech and recommended a 7 week intensive speech therapy session at their clinic. He was also sent for a sleep study with EEG where it was found he had  Nocturnal partial seizures with likely origin over the left parietal and temporal regions diagnosed by Dr Kristin Spoon and verified by Dr  Deborah L. Renaud and he was prescribed Keppra.
Very soon after treatment started, Stryder began saying words – (also combined with intensive speech therapy)
Stryder’s EEG’s have been mostly abnormal in one way or another. He was also diagnosed with Landau Kleffner Syndrome because his EEG showed severe spiking and this was confirmed at Doernbecher Children’s hospital in Portland.
Stroke-like Symptoms (not daily)
**Admitted for symptoms, no answers — Follow-up admission for 7-day EEG where the neurologist thought to be Vascular in nature. After first night, he had Stryder do some “tests” bending his neck for 10 second intervals and found slowing on EEG as “proof” although doesn’t know reason – released from hospital to follow up with neck surgeon.
  • Dizziness
  • Photophobia
  • Lightheaded
  • Just “not with it”
  • Balance problems – sometimes legs don’t work at all
  • Left eye pain, severe where he has to have it covered
  • Double-vision (Does not happen with every episode)
  • Slurred speech (Does not happen with every episode)
  • Severe nausea (Does not happen with every episode)
  • Not able to say ABC’s or count to 10 (Does not happen with every episode)
  • No head or other pain, except in eyes, when this happens
  • BP is normal (last event showed BP 96/63, pulse 121) – although when he was admitted his BP was VERY high, but he had all the above symptoms at that time

Amnesia Events:

Stryder will have full conversations and then the next day have the same conversation, almost word for word and does not remember any of it from the day before. There is no rhyme or reason. He will

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