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Stryder is an adorable ten-year-old boy. He has an outstanding resilience and amazing attitude that has pulled him through his heroic battle with epilepsy and an unknown connective tissue disorder that has wreaked havoc on his poor little body. Stryder also has many other medical problems! We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you!

Video Game Club

We are starting a Video Game Club – more info coming soon…. Looking for kids 8-15 that would like to get together and play video games together. Great time to socialize and have fun!

Help Get Our Club Running

🎮WE NEED YOUR HELP🎮 Ways to help: 🕹Monetary donation to help with purchase 🕹donate specific items (used, new or refurbished) 🕹contact a business that can help 🕹reach out to others you may know that can help 🕹share with me a business or entity that may want to help